At the End of These Things

Saw a group of students today and reminded them that the next time I see them will be their last class. Or maybe not. It depends on the weather.

One of the schedule quirks at the school where I work is that entrance exams for junior high and high school muck up the schedule. Some JHS 3 classes meet six times. One meets three. Some classes meet each week. Some meet twice this month, once next month.

My first and lasses classes today both had their second classes of the term and I reminded them, as I sent them away, that the next class would be their last class, and that we’d talk about the final exam.

The only catch in this is marathon day. If the weather is bad, the marathon will be cancelled and we’ll have regular classes. This is the only day that students hope they can have class.

As for me, as useful as the extra class would be, I’m hoping mother nature sends us a gorgeous day.


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