A Reversal of Actions

My bad classes were kind of good. My good class was kind of bad. It was one of those days. Well, one of those mornings.

As we are in entrance exam time at the school where I work, schedules are a bit odd. This makes the students odd. My first year junior high school classes are usually bad, but today I appeased them with a spelling tournament that got competitive enough that one student openly sabotaged another student. I let it pass because my judgements are biased, arbitrary and final. (Note to self: never seek advice from competitor.)

In my final class of the day, my third year junior high school students took an odd amount of time to get settled. They took the starting bell as a mere suggestion and students who weren’t even in my class sort of hung out and chatted for a minute.

I struck a pose. This involves holding up my arm and staring at my watch and counting off the minutes. Once they hit one minute of delay they get homework. Once thy hit two minutes, they get a lot of homework. They also got to stay two minutes into lunch, putting them toward the back of the lunch line.

Some didn’t copy the homework assignment. I guess I’ll be having lunch with them next week.


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