The Best Laid Plans Are Sent Awry

As it is my signature Japanese dish, sort of, I had planned to make gumbo today. There were, however, some complications.

Recently, I discovered that an online store had a version of andouille sausage and that got me thinking about gumbo. I ordered the sausage and mentioned to She Who Must Be Obeyed that I was not only in the mood for gumbo but in the mood to cook it. Then, today, when I planned to cook it, She Who Must Be Obeyed sat down at her computer and started looking up recipes. I kept assuring her that I already had a recipe but she kept researching researching and telling me things I already knew.

Because of this, the gumbo never got made.

As I pondered and pouted, it occurred to me that I didn’t actually know SWMBO when I first made gumbo with my adult class. She didn’t join until after that and I don’t remember her being at the festival where I made it for the town. As a result, she may have never actually had gumbo.

Now it’s a moral imperative that I make it If she likes it, she’ll start making it herself. If the doesn’t like, well, at least I’ll get to eat it.

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