Closing in on Crazy Time

Tomorrow things start getting crazy. Well, thanks to events beyond our control, crazy time started at the school where I work last week.

Tomorrow, though, exams start for high school, and that will be followed, on Friday, by the junior high school third year exams. This wouldn’t be a problem except the junior high school first and second year students all have another four days’ worth of classes.

Keeping track of when to mark and when to go to class gets crazy, especially when one of your classes is doing their best to make you angry. After they succeed, they then try to convince you why they need to leave for snack time rather than stay in class most of their long break. (Guess what I did today…)

There will be a couple clean days where I’ll do nothing but mark (probably) and then we’ll finally have the last two exams. The trouble is those will arrive the same day as I’m passing back my high school exams.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to go to all my classes.

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