Other People’s Hands

Any problems with today’s test were not my fault, but I did have to put in an appearance.

Today was the final exam for third year junior high school students (9th grade) at the school where I work and my only responsibility was be on hand in case of problems.

However, after yesterday’s incident, I did have to pace up and down past the rooms a few times during the listening section to “prove my concern” and “show responsibility”.

Luckily for the people in charge, things went off with almost no problems.

We did have a couple oddly phrased questions that allowed students to get away with a few tricks on the long writing and allowed them to answer without writing an entire sentence.

Then I had to wait a few hours to teach a class. This had me fairly irritable and although all I had to do was briefly explain the final exam, I stopped explaining things when the class got noisy and instead passed out the practice sheet for their long writing. (Yes, we give them a chance to practice 20%+ of the final.)

Usually I don’t mind if they don’t do any work, but one student “didn’t work” in the noisiest way possible and I moved him to a different chair.

I’ll have that class again next week and that student will, I guess, have another chance to not work.

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