Goodbye Until Then

I did a little dance today, which is not something I usually do. In the end, though, the dance will probably jinks me.

Today was the last day of pass back classes, which means today was also the last day I’ll see my worst class in their current configuration.

The scheduling Gods being what they are, for each grade I teach,  the last pass back of each day was my worst class for that grade. Oddly, the scheduling Gods also conspired to make sure that my last class was my worst class of all my classes.

After I got back to the office, as a half joke/half celebration, I did a short dance I call the happy dance, which is a few seconds of dance based on the AWA Dori.

The problem is, because I have second year junior high school (8th grade) next year, the odds of me having most of the same students in class is very high. This means they’ll be especially bad. Second year JHS students tend to be so bad that they’ve even got their own syndrome. (Note: the link explanation is very good, but it leaves off the most insidious version of the syndrome: “No, honestly, I just don’t give a damn.”

That said, I only see them once a week, and that helps a lot. On the other hand, bad classes tend to be bad enough that they shorten the lifespan.

This means I have a lot to look forward to next year. But not for a couple week, at least.

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