Bad Holiday Habits

I’m in the middle of a holiday, which means I’m pretty much back in university.

My schedule has started to reverse from normal working man daylight hours to vampire hours. I stay up later than I could and get up later than I could and do less writing than I could. That said, it’s mostly relaxing.

I manage to do the work that’s not work that the company I work for requires. I do that even though today’s “work” required lots of disc searches until I realized that I’d probably lost the text I was searching for in a memory stick crash a few years ago. I’d managed to recover the photos after the crash (which involved Linux and lots of swearing) but I’d lost all the other documents.

This means I’ll actually have to write some stuff–or more accurately, write it again–but I get to count trips downtown, even if I’m only shopping, as research.

I’ll do some of that tomorrow (more accurately, later today) when I take some pictures before having lunch.

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