Worst and Worser

I should have quit after five.

Actually, I did quit after five, but then I came back for five more.

In the game I still manage to play a few times a week I have have accounts on both the Asian and North American servers. Because of a better connection, I’ve been more successful on the Asian server than on the North American.

That said, the game seems to be programmed to make you play in alternating streaks of success and abject failure. Because of this, I’ve learned to follow the advice of a more successful player who recommended playing five games and then deciding if you should stay in or not. His rule is that if you reach five games and have less than three wins, you should quit playing for a while and come back later.

After finishing five matches and losing all five in brutal, horrible, very bad, no good ways. I took a short break.

When I came back, though, I went 0-5 again. I played better but couldn’t get any wins, but it was time to quit.

Then I went to the North American server for a few matches and played much better. However, even though I was winning, I thought it best to quit while I was ahead.

I might play again tomorrow, but it’s probably best I don’t.

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