Back Slidin’ Away

I was up then I was down now I’m up but balanced.

Today was day 600 of the diet/life style change I’ve been mostly adhering to. I reached a bottom end and decided to put some back on but the bad habits sent me shooting way back over my goal. I’m still well below where I started, but I can feel the weight gain.

Luckily I’ve hit an equilibrium where I’m not adding or dropping. However, I’d prefer to hit that equilibrium a lot lower than where I’m at now.

I dug into my food journals to find the menu I followed when I lost the bulk of the weight. It is intimidating and inspiring but the biggest problem is I’ve lost the motivation behind it all. Work related stress has thrown me off the game lately.

That said, I like being able to buy trousers of more than one style now in Japan rather than online and the clothes I own now are the measure of what I need to be doing.

The girls are away for a couple days which gives me a chance to reboot things without any attention being drawn to what I’m doing. It also gives me a chance to double down on bad habits. We’ll see which wins.


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