Premature Demonetization

I haven’t been making any money and now it appears I probably never will.

A few years back, for no reason whatsoever, before I started this bit of blather, in fact, I started posting knife related videos on YouTube. The most popular two are summaries of Japan’s complicated knife laws and are at least as accurate as the predictions of the so-called main stream media in the last US presidential election.

Because I don’t put out regular content, the channel never got any traction. Just in case, I chose to monetize the videos.

However, after recent changes in YouTube’s advertisement policies, none of the knife related videos are eligible for monetization. Granted, one of the videos has clips of knife related crimes and a couple of them have bad language, but they’re not particularly political. (Well, one of them has its moments.)

I’ll appeal to YouTube and see if I can reinstate things on the Japan knife law videos but I’m not optimistic. Again, I’m not losing any money, just potential.

Of course, I could learn to play computer games or learn to put on make up and must make videos about those. Those don’t seem to have any monetization troubles.

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