Fading Toward the Weekend

I should be more tired than I am and in June I probably will be. Right now, though, I’m kind of surprised.

Although my schedule at the school where I work is nearly identical to last years schedule, it has a couple interesting changes that make it much better than last year’s. With one exception.

First, the schedule is front loaded. I have half my teaching schedule on Monday and Tuesday and then the other half is spread out over three days. Three classes on Wednesday, three on Thursday and two on Friday.

This means my schedule lets me relax toward the weekend. It also gives me lots of prep time to get ready for Monday and Tuesday. Because of this, although this is the first full week of work fr the school year, I feel fairly relaxed.

Of course, there are a couple problems. Both involve Friday.

First, I have my current worst student on Friday. As I also have him on Monday, that means he serves as an annoying bookend for the week. Second, although Friday has only two classes, they are second period and sixth period, which gives me a four hour break. Although this seems awesome and gives me a lot of prep time, the fourth hour is painful.

The real test, though, will be in June, when the weather is getting hotter and there are fewer days off. If I can get through that without being cranky and/or miserable, then I’ll be able to say I have a good schedule.


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