Conan, Popcorn, and Creepers

Today became an impromptu Daddy/Daughter Day Out when She Who Must Be Obeyed said that our youngest wanted to go see a movie. Somewhere in there Beauty and the Beast was mentioned and I said that would be okay, mostly because it was in English and because movie popcorn would be involved.

This means I may have been the victim of a bait-and-switch.

As I looked up times for the English version of the movie, She Who Must Be Obeyed clarified that our youngest wanted to see the latest Detective Conan movie. This was an issue as the movie is shown in Japanese only. However, I’ve already seen Bakuman and a Pokemon movie in Japanese so I didn’t think this would be an issue.

However, I know absolutely nothing about Detective Conan and found the movie quite boring. A lot of it takes place in meeting rooms with people talking about events past and present. This made it hard to follow. Action scenes are easy to follow, but four people sitting in different rooms discussing the case gets old pretty quick. Also, anime Japanese is much harder to follow than live action Japanese as facial expressions and lip movements are off.

On either side of the movie, I let our youngest play her favorite game. The first time there were no problems but when we arrived after the movie, there was a high school/college aged young man playing the game on one of the machines. As this is a game designed for girls, it was an odd image. Also odd was an older man who kept circling around and through the game center. As he kept making odd noises I figured he might be a little off or might have Tourette’s Syndrome.

Either way, every time he came by to watch our youngest play her game, I positioned myself between him and her. At one point I was in constant motion as he kept moving to find a view. Eventually he left.

After we came back it was time to recover from a diet busting day.


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