Watching and Waiting and Wondering

Today my bad student was decent for half a class and I was notified that it was my job to protect the school where I work.

The bad student did some book work and at least pretended to work on the print I gave him. He also performed a dialogue with other students. However, when it was time for the second dialogue, which had to be both original and memorized, he passed. However, he’s remained awake and hasn’t resorted to crying histrionics, so I consider that win.

I suspect he’ll get better as he gets bored with sitting by himself in the back, but we’ll see.

I was also informed that I have a student who was bullied last year and his dad has either promised to, has tried to, or is suing the school where I work. Because of this, I’m supposed to keep an eye on him and how other students treat him. I joked that because of that I should probably stop taping him to the chair, but the messenger wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

However, this situation creates a dilemma for me. Because I don’t actually work for the school where I work, a fact they make known by denying me something as simple as a locker for my coat, I really don’t care how badly they are sued. That said, I don’t want to be involved in another lawsuit. (Note:  I didn’t actually know about the first time I was almost sued until it was already over but I still count it.)

Now I have to be watch myself in class. Or not. It depends on the mood I’m in.


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