Scam Probably Not a Scam

Please See Update at End of this Post.

Our oldest learned a lesson about internet shopping. Sort of. She Who Must Be Obeyed learned a lesson too. I, as usual, played the part of Cassandra.

Our oldest, thanks to a slush fund from her grandparents, has become the concert ticket purchaser for her group of groupies. She buys the tickets, her friends reimburse her.

This time, though, there were complications. After supposedly being posted on a Friday, the tickets hadn’t arrived by Wednesday and everyone in the house (translation: our oldest and She Who Must Be Obeyed) went into panic mode. Emails were sent and sent again when replies didn’t arrive expeditiously.

I pointed out that Saturday was a national holiday and Sunday didn’t have mail service and this week is Golden Week and that probably slowed things down. I was ignored and a couple rants about the situation ensued, I pointed out that they were stuck in a position where one person had the money and the other person couldn’t prove they hadn’t received the tickets because no one thought to send the tickets registered mail.

As I predicted, the seller claimed our oldest had actually received the tickets and was trying to pull a scam to get her money back. More rants ensued and She Who Must Be Obeyed contacted the post office to elicit help.

Now, apparently, the tickets are supposed to arrive on Saturday for the Sunday concert. I almost hope they don’t, as I suspect the lesson is more important than the arrival of the tickets.

Update: The tickets arrived safe and sound. However, it appears they were mailed not on the Friday, but on the day our oldest and She Who Must Be Obeyed started complaining. Curiouser and curiouser.



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