Girls at the Bar

We met our oldest at a bar. Our youngest was already with us. There were a lot of children around us already.

We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary tonight (even though it was actually yesterday) by taking our girls to yakitori (chicken kebab) restaurant that is actually a bar, but is popular enough that families like to go.

The tell that it’s supposed to be a bar is that it has short stools rather than comfortable chairs (or even uncomfortable chairs with backs). In fact, as a bar it’s pretty bad too, as you can’t get comfortable with a few beers. It seems like a place you’re supposed to grab a snack and a drink on your way home from a different bar.

We went early, with our youngest, but our oldest was at club practice and she joined us after we’d already stuffed our faces full of chicken, pork, and fried potatoes.

This did not stop us from eating more when our oldest arrived.

It also did not stop us from eating cheese and drinking wine after we got home.

The restaurant/bar was pretty good, but it’s pricier than the alternatives. This means that next year we’ll take the girls to a different bar.

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