Odd Weeks are Ending

June is here, sort of.

I’ve written before about the horrors of June at the school where I work and the thing you have to understand is that June is not a month, it’s a state of being.

The bad thing about June is that it’s nonstop. The good thing about June is that it’s stable and predictable.

For example, this week we taught two days, then had two days with no classes. This meant that today felt like Monday even though it was Friday. This makes it hard to focus and/or take the day seriously.

Now I have a regular weekend before a series of nonstop days that will eventually drag me down and break my spirit, at least if I’m being optimistic.

Somewhere in there, I have to write an exam. Of course, a time of existential crisis and burnout is, perhaps, not the best time to write and exam. On the other hand, the exams are usually a lot of fun.

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