Past Me Sucks

Any careful consideration of the matter can only reach the conclusion that past me sucks.

More specifically, past me likes writing incoherent notes but only about my second year junior high school students, not about other classes. This leaves present me to think that past me is trolling present me and enjoys seeing present me scratching my head and trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be teaching.

This wouldn’t bother present me that much except that two weeks in a row past me has left notes that didn’t make any sense, and this despite an effort by past present me to figure out what was going on last week. This usually means that present me does an impromptu book check to see what pages students have actually completed.

Today, though, as my students were working, present me figured out what the notes meant. It seems that past me, at some point, decided it was more efficient to record notes by date rather than by lesson plan. This happened because of various holidays and other days off leading to a jumbled mess of lessons that put one class way ahead of the others. In the lesson record this manifested as seemingly random dates that now hopefully make sense.

Now that the confusing mystery has been solved, I hope that future present me appreciates was present me accomplished when he becomes past me.

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