Last Week Adventures

Because tomorrow is the first day of the last week of classes, and because I was out all day yesterday, today I was surprisingly useless. A large portion of the day was spent watching TED talks about how to beat procrastination.

I did not intend to do that or be this way, but my brain was apparently warning me that the next couple weeks are going to be hectic right as the weather is getting hot and rainy.

Granted, there isn’t much actual work this week. Most of what I will do amounts to providing information about final exams, passing out review sheets, and answering questions/staying awake. What makes this tiring is how boring it all is and the fact the air conditioners at the school where I work are set for “sub-tropical”.

Sometime this week we will record the listening portions of the various exams and I’ll spend an evening editing mine into something that hopefully works and spares me the usual listening related stress. I then have to turn it all in on Friday.

I’ll then have another couple days to be useless before I get busy.


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