Knives and Stuff

It wasn’t that impressive, but it usually gets better.

There are four big knife shows in Tokyo. The first two and the fourth are usually awesome. The third, which took place today, is usually ho-hum. In fact, I’ve skipped it a couple times because the weather is so hot and humid I cant be bothered to go outside.

Today was no exception.

Although I got some good video (that I’ve been too lazy to edit) I didn’t see anything new or exciting and left after a short time. What’s odd is that I wasn’t temped to buy anything, which is not the way these things usually happen. (Actually, in all fairness, it’s more accurate to say I didn’t see anything NEW that I wanted to buy; lots of old stuff, though.)

Also, my usual partner in knife crime (so to speak) couldn’t attend. That probably made him the smart/lucky one.

The next knife show is in October and it’s usually the best of the year.

I’ll start planning for that one right after exams finish.

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