Glorious Cool

Nature gave us a bit of mercy today in the form of unseasonably cool weather.

This meant that even such tasks as running to the bank and paying taxes were actually kind of pleasant because it was possible to walk more than several meters outside with out becoming soaked in sweat.

Not only did we not need the air conditioner (at least as long as the pleasant breeze continued) we barely needed a fan.

I dragged our youngest to town so that I could take money from one account and then walk across the street to deposit the money in a different account. After that we had an early lunch and then our youngest went to swimming class. (Note: this means she probably didn’t enjoy the cool weather as much as I was.)

All in all, this meant everyone had pleasant moods today. I don’t know what the forecast is for tomorrow,

It will probably be warmer, but hopefully not much less merciful.

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