Randomly, Without Feeling

We were apparently attacked by a North Korean missile tonight but we are apparently okay.

That pretty much explains today. Lots of little things happened, but none of them were particularly good or bad, although they could have been.

I reached the end of my first week of work/house arrest and the entire notion of it has me feeling glum. I’m feeling this way even though I actually did extra work to get ready for next week’s house arrest/work and felt reasonably pleased by what I’d done. As I’ve said before, it’s not that I have to do work during the summer that bothers me, it’s that I lost free summers without any compensation and that any attempts to get any leniency have all run into the same professional BS artist.

(Note: Facebook and/or Twitter apparently blocked a previous post where I used the adult version of that phrase to describe the person so many of you may not know who I’m talking about as it never reached my Facebook stream.)

I also worked on the writing project I’ve mentioned before, but in that case I’m butting heads with all kinds of writing that seemed like a good idea at the time. I killed so many darling today that I spent more time slashing and less time transcribing. That was followed by the second guessing.

It’s now the weekend and I get to enjoy three days of actual vacation before house arrests starts up again.

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