Just a Random Walk With Thee

Today was one of those days where lots of random things happened because of people behaving in random ways.

It started with alarm app trouble and getting up late.

I cooked breakfast not knowing that She Who Must Be Obeyed planned to cook breakfast for me once she came back. (Note: she wanted to use up old English Muffins so was going to make me a homemade egg McMuffin.) This was a shock as she hadn’t announced her departure which meant I didn’t realize she’d left.

Then people seemed to come and go at random leaving me wondering if I was supposed to cook lunch. I never learned what was supposed to happen because suddenly lunch was made.

Then there were random computer issues that delayed my working on today’s house arrest-related work which slowed down my other projects.

I also had to help our oldest resend birthday pictures as her phone had autofilled my email address with the wrong word. “delivery” vs “delively”.

After that I couldn’t be bothered.

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