Cool Fools at the Beach

I do not know if they were cool or if they were fools.

We woke up to a torrential rain storm that went on quite a while. After it settled down to just basic torrents we went to a nearby city to do some shopping.

The rivers along the route were swollen muddy messes and they’d created a halo of muddy water along the coast. The areas where the rivers met the Japan Sea looked like boiling mud.

Despite that, dozens of people determined to enjoy their vacations, darn it, were swimming in the mud at various commercial swimming areas.

In another area several people were surfing in waves of mud. This was kind of cool, except the mud waves seemed to breaking rather close to the shore. About the time they got stood up they had to jump off.

Complicating matter even more, it was unseasonably cool today after the rain.

Although I admire their determination, I still can’t decide if the beach goers were cool or if they were fools.

I guess I have to embrace the power of “and”.

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