May You Live With Interesting Birthdays

She Who Must Be Obeyed’s birthday started with police and ended with pizza.

Our Central Asian neighbors have been moving/breaking up for two days now. I’m not sure how many of them live there, but it seems to be an awful lot. A couple days ago at least one of them started to move out and that involved a small truck and shockingly slow loading. Then loud voices ensued last night and right after midnight, as SWMBO’s birthday was starting, there were police involved. Things got quiet after that.

The morning was normal. I made breakfast and our youngest washed dishes and then I worked on the project I talked about yesterday.

Our oldest went to a university open house, hopefully to find a cheap school she can attend that doesn’t require her to study now.

After that, I offered to buy supper, but our original plan was almost literally drowned by torrential rain that was hard enough it sounded like hail.

Eventually, pizza and other things were acquired and our oldest arrived safely despite massive train delays all over the system and a happy birthday was had.


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