One Day of Madness and Panic

I caught other people’s problems and am probably doing my best to guarantee mine. The days exams are due is that kind of day.

On Due Day, we have a rush of last minute panic as people finish their exams, usually after a wave of critiquing from other teachers. We also have to check the listening CD against the test itself to make sure it is possible to answer the questions. (Note: in the past I’ve checked to make sure the CD was fine without checking it against the test; This ended badly.)

Because we check each other’s listening tests, I caught a mistake in a colleague’s test. We caught it early enough, though, that she was able to fix it.

As for me, because I’ve had problems with the listening portions of final exams before, I decided to triple down and include funny voices. Both voices are mine, just one sounds a bit like the Batman voice from the Christian Bale Batman movies.

I’m already anticipating the waves of “I don’t understand” complaints and am ready to hand out many free points and return to boring listening tests. If it works, though, things could get interesting.

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