Travelling By Snow

For complicated reasons we decided to drive to the in-laws. The trip is normally not that difficult, however, it is winter and we were heading to snow country.

We acquired snow tires from She Who Must Be Obeyed’s family (it used to be their car before they stopped driving) and had them put on at a local place.

The trip itself wasn’t that bad even though SWMBO had never driven a mountain pass in snow. (Note: I think I’ve done it once. Maybe twice.) I did prepare a winter car kit in case we got stuck because of heavy snow and accidents not involving us. Also, our car is four-wheel drive and our snow tires are new.

We started in perfect clear weather and then as we climbed and passed through tunnels we slowly passed through autumn and early winter before entering sky fall. Once we passed through the tunnel into snow country, we were in blizzard conditions that lasted until we hit windy conditions.

Along the way we had to take odd detours where traffic officials blocked the road and forced us into parking lots where traffic officials assessed our tires. If any car had tires that didn’t pass muster, they were forced to attach chains to their tires, even if it meant buying them on site.

There were a couple interesting moments involving other cars and merging traffic, but we arrived safely.

Now we are putting our lives at risk by eating too much, but that’s another post.

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