New Year’s Booze, Breakfast, and Detox

Although I know it’s bad for me, having beer and sake with breakfast is kind of cool. Of course, since that’s more or less the same thing I had with dinner the night before, then I’m probably due for a detox.

Correction: A detox is very much in order.

Tomorrow we’ll be out and about which will give all of us a chance to detox a bit, but I’m betting that supper will be huge. I also suspect there will be beer and sake with breakfast.

Part of the problem is that the parents of She Who Must Be Obeyed have reached the age where they don’t drink as much as they used to. However, they continue to serve the same amount of booze that they used to. This means, for reasons I don’t fully understand, it’s my job to finish all the unfinished booze.

Note: I’m now responsible for finishing a bottle of wine. For some reason, this is a responsibility I take seriously.

Luckily this year they’ve switched from bottled beer shared amongst everyone to individual cans served to individuals. This means there’s less interruption as Mother of SWMBO insists on filling my beer glass even when it’s already full. I suspect this means that I’m actually drinking less than usual as it’s hard to keep track of the half-full glasses and I always end up having to finish the bottles.

With cans, there is, of course, lots of concern that my can might be empty within a few seconds of my taking the first sip from it, but that’s less intrusive than having to drink half a small glass of beer right after I’ve taken a bit of food.

I’ll also need a food detox, but that’s fodder for a future post.

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