Let it Snow and Snow and Snow

Although I’m a teacher, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good snow day. I blame Colorado for this.

I grew up on the Western slope of Colorado in the town of Hayden (a bit West of Steamboat Springs). Although we got lots of snow and could even cross country ski in the deep snow on the athletics fields, we never got a snow day. In nine years. Not once. In a place that gets snow measured in multiple feet. None. In nine years.

This meant I had to walk to school and home in the snow (up hill, both ways) and actually do homework.

We did, if I remember, get one day cancelled because of the flu, but that doesn’t count.

Because of that, I’ve maintained a certain amount of resentment about snow days. Two years ago, around this time, we got one, and if we get another one then tomorrow (Tuesday) is the best day for me personally as I have four classes in a row.

Also, our youngest’s class has been sent home for a few days to enjoy flu days. (Note: our youngest does not have the flu, just free time.)

Here’s the situation now:

Snowpocalypse Now in Saitama.

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Thus far, school has already been pushed back an hour and morning chapel has been cancelled. Now, I’m hoping for a bit more snow by morning. And at least one closed train line…


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