The Guardians of Quietness and Random Denialy Things

The girls are away welcoming Mother of She Who Must Be Obeyed back from the hospital, which means I’ve got until tomorrow to trash and clean the apartment.

it is hard to explain but there is a difference between having time to yourself during the day knowing someone will eventually come home and knowing that you’re completely on your own. Since I’m already feeling the grind from being back to work after summer, I decided to pretty much waste as much time as humanly possible today.

This time wasting involved going to see Guardians of The Galaxy which, given that there were only seven of us in the theater on a Saturday is unlikely to be extended a few extra days. It also didn’t bode well that I was the only one laughing. I enjoyed the movie a lot even when I was going “Golden net? Really’? Haven’t these space people heard of cruise missiles? You’ve got a green woman, a former Doctor Who companion, a humanoid plant and a talking raccoon but you don’t have Tomahawks or even a couple handy MOABs to drop? What do you people think this is? A movie?

I also had a chance to play with the new iPhones. I like the iPhone 6 as it’s about the same size as my current phone. The iPhone 6 Plus would work a lot better if Apple abandoned the big round button. I have large hands and had to do hand yoga to turn off an app. It’s also way to big to be used as a phone. You might as well get one of those old Gordon Gekko models. It at least would look retro, instead of “I’m sticking a plate on my face”.

Basically, I spent the day not working on a big writing project (novel number three) which has been roughly outlined and world built over the past couple weeks and only needs for me to put butt in chair and start typing. Even Kimberly is getting impatient waiting for me to start.

First, though, I’m serving as judge at another Junior Karate Tournament tomorrow. That will give me a heck of an excuse not to work on the book. Then the girls are coming back.

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